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Positioning & Development

Personnel development

We firmly believe that human resources and intellectual capital are important indicators to measure the overall competitiveness

of the company. We will closely integrate the personal growth of employees with the long-term development of the company.

We are willing to provide employees with an infinite future, and reach a consensus with employees.

COMPASS System in Ultracare

Regular recruitment application materials


Summer internship


If you are interested in our position, please prepare the following materials to be sent to

our Human Resources Department before the deadline: Chinese/English resume,

personal qualifications, recent photos. Note: Please provide the correct contact

information on your resume so that we can contact you in time.

Each year, four-year college students start internships in the third grade. The internship period is 2 to 6 months. We receive summer internship applications from January to April each

year. Students who are interested in the internship position can prepare the following materials and send them to the Human Resources Department: Chinese and English resumes,

personal education documents, transcripts, recent photos. Within two weeks of receiving your application, we will contact you. We will invite suitable candidates to participate in two

rounds of interviews. The interview included a round of interviews and a round of case studies. Within one week after the interview, we will issue a letter of intent to hire qualified

candidates. We can arrange a telephone interview for overseas applicants. At the end of the summer internship, the company will conduct a performance assessment for you. The

results of the assessment directly determine whether we can accept you as our full-time employee.

Experienced professionals can choose to apply for relevant management positions based

on their work experience and professional knowledge. We accept job applications from

professionals throughout the year. After the resume selection, we will invite the appropriat

e applicants to participate in the interview. The entire interview was a total of 2 rounds.

Within two weeks of the interview, we will issue a letter of intent to the applicant who

successfully passed the interview. The interview process will be completed within 15 days,

depending of course on the applicant's schedule.

People-oriented, common development


People oriented and common development

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